About CiCADA

Contemporary Independent Creative Artist Development Agency

Our Story

The cicada is the loudest insect in the world with more than 200 species in Australia.

Cicadas are notorious singers who, when they come together, form an extraordinary cacophony of sound.  Some species such as the Double Drummer produce a noise intensity in excess of 120 dB at close range.

The cicada is the only insect to have developed such a specialised effective means of producing sound. It is these qualities of the cicada that inspired our logo and mission.

The logo symbolises renewal, transformation and the potential to thrive, given the right environment and supportive conditions.

Original design by Gilimbaa.

Artwork designed by Gilimbaa

Our History


In 2009, CICADA International Inc was established in partnership with ATSIA (Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Arts) through the Australia Council for the Arts to provide media, marketing and production support for First Nations artists in the first stages of their music careers.


In 2019, Cicada International transitioned to a company limited by guarantee.

Since the beginning, we have been guided by our mission to develop a deeper understanding of culture and its importance to the fabric of Australian society through the creation of music, performing arts and cultural exchange programs.

We want to empower disadvantaged communities to thrive by supporting artists and communities to achieve and sustain holistic wellbeing through self-expression, self-determination and creativity.

We want to create an environment to foster connections in which mutual respect and cultural learning is a genuine two-way commitment and process.


Cicada remains committed to advancing equality in the Australian creative sector. 

We are proud to have delivered the Australian Women in Music Awards (AWMA) & Conference Program for the last four years.